Cactus Planner - is a new kind of planner in Moldova.

In a planner you will find the following pages helping you planning, growing through the year:
- a Travel map - here you can mark what do you want to visit or where you have already been to;
- Planning this year pages will help you to understand what do you want to achieve, where to you want this year to bring you, what do you want to change...;
- Yearly calendars for two years will give you a view of the whole picture, a view on present and near future;
- Year planning month by month - will form for you a whole picture of the year on only 2 pages;
- Habits tracking pages will help you to form some new habits that will approach you to success;
- Monthly planning - here you will write down what you are going to do every month;
- Weekly planning - for everyday planning hour by hour with a new quote every week, to do list and a nice cactus handrawing, and at the end of everyday you have the possibility to track you sleeping hours (normally it will be 8 h) and your financial situation;
- Weekly feedback + some space for notes and brainstorming; 
- Some analyzing pages of the past year at the end
and finally
- some blank pages at the service of your imagination.

We hope you’ll like it being with us and will recommend us to others!
Thank you!

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